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Hello fellow Mundanes!

If there is one thing people might not know about me is that I love reading. Books for me are an escape from the ordinary world. They allow to me dive into worlds and learn about characters that I will later on love. Cassandra Clare over the past year and a half has become one of my ultimate favorite authors. She is well known for her series called The Mortal Instruments. This series was beautifully written & very addictive. Once you started the series you could not stop reading. The final book of this series comes out next year. She has also written a trilogy called The Infernal Devices. These I believe are quite underrated as most people only read TMI. Both are equally enjoyable & the characters in both series are lovable in their own right.   
Anyway on to the interesting stuff. Last month the film adaptation of the first book in the Mortal Instruments series 'City Of Bones' came out. I for one really enjoyed it and thought it was as close to the book as it could come however some may disagree. During last month I went to see it three times with various friends. 

I also attended a gathering at Waterstones Birmingham. The gathering was a film release party where fans of the books & film could come together and basically have a little geek over it. I met some amazing people while I was there! There was a quiz & cakes which is always fun & discount on all the books which was a bonus!  I'll link some photos below! 
And to top it all of I gained a signed copy of City of Bones! 

Bye Bye! xo

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