Thrift Shop haul.


I get a lot of people always asking me where I get some of my clothing pieces from. And the answer to that are charity shops. I believe in getting fashionable pieces without paying the costs. I have many times gone into a charity shop & picked up a dress from Topshop (just as an example) for a few pounds then go into the actual shop were they will be charging a lot more. As a student I have figured to work with the money I have got. Most people always judge charity shops. They believe they are dirty & are there for poor people. This is not the case though. You can find some amazing things in charity shops such as vintage pieces. I get compliments all the time on my vintage bags however I only ever pay a couple of pounds for them each. You never know what you will find in a charity shop which makes it even more fun! Below are a few pieces I have picked up over the last week. 

Trousers - New Look - £1.25
Khaki Dress - Kenneth Cole - £2.99
Dress - Vintage - £1.50

Orange Skirt - Asos - £2.50
Burgundy Skirt - Papaya - £1.00

Bag - Vintage - £4

Hope you enjoyed this post! I also hope you give Charity Shops ago! 
Bye Bye!

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