Avon Beauty Products.

Trying out beauty products.

A few weeks ago I ordered a couple of products from the Avon book. Avon is you do not know is a company that sells all sorts of beauty products including well known brands. I ordered a few pieces from the Avon own brand collection. I ordered a new red lipstick and a second coat nail varnish that is meant to create a mosaic effect.

The first product is Heart Beat Red Lipstick
I am a huge fan of red lipstick so when I saw this new one I was intrigued. The lipstick smells of chocolate to start of which is awesome. The colour itself I thought would be brighter however overall it is a satisfying colour. What I also found was how it stayed on for quite some time. Obviously when eating a drinking the shade of colour got lighter however it lasted for the majority of the day! Would definitely recommend!

Second product
White Mosaic effects top coat nail enamel
Maybe I did this wrong however when I thought it would create mosaic effects on my nails I was expecting it to look like the catalogue photograph. My nails do not look the photograph ones. If anyone has had any experience with this product and know how to do it properly please let me know in the comments below. 


  1. buoni i prodotti Avon!

  2. Love the colour of that lipstick :-)


  3. I have the nail polish, the trick is to try and do it with one brush stroke. Must be something to do with the formula but I've found that the nails I've done in more or less on go work best. Have a generous amount on the brush to apply otherwise it streaks instead of getting the desired cracked affect


    Sophie xx

    1. thankyou so much! I will have to give it another try! :) xo