Halloween Special part 1.

Bonjour Rosie Here!
So I might not of mentioned this before but my favourite holiday of the year is definitely Halloween! I have always loved it since a child. I love the idea of sitting around watching scary movies, eating lots of candy and giving goody bags away to the trick or treaters. I also love dressing up as different characters but maybe thats because I am still a child at heart!
So over this next week I will be making blog posts especially for Halloween. I hope to give you ideas of costumes, Halloween munchies, film recommendations and treat bag suggestions! 

So the first post up is; 

Halloween Costumes! 

I always believe in coming up with cool ideas for costumes. Everyone has been the traditional witch, vampire & Pumpkin. Below are a few different ideas I came up with just by using things from my wardrobe!

Marie Antoinette

Living Dead Doll

Vintage Hollywood Actress




  1. Woww!
    These are so cool :3
    Marie Antoinette is my favourite :)

  2. You really look scary, perfect ideas for halloween :)!

    Thank you for nominating me for the liebster award, take a look on my blog!

    Love, Ceyda xx

  3. Such good outfit ideas! :) My fave is the Living Dead Doll, easy to do but great for Halloween!
    Spider Leg Lashes xo

  4. This is so lovely, i'm actually dressing up as a dead doll for Halloween this year :)

    Davina, davina-tian.blogspot.ca