Brogues & Dog tooth.

Website review

So a few months back I was introduced to this website. I was very wary due to the price and what the quality of the products would be like. At first I did not order anything however a few weeks back I was speaking to a lady who orders things regularly of there.She said the quality was really good considering such a small cost and that I should definitely give it a go. So last week I was browsing on the site a saw a few things that caught my eye. I decided to order them and give it a try. They arrived and I am a very happy bunny. 

I absolutely adore this cape! It is a very thick material so it will be perfect for these upcoming winter months!

These soft leather Brogues I think are so cute. Just a tip though to make sure you check the size. These came in quite small so you might want to consider ordering the next size up!

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