Save The Blow Dry.


Bonjour everyone. 
A few weeks back I was sent an awesome item to review. It was a shower cap from the brand Save The Blow Dry. First of I need to discuss how beautiful the packaging is. I really loved the little plastic sealed bag it came in. The product itself looks very appealing and woman friendly. The main aim of the product is to keep the condition of your hair perfect while showering. I have tried many shower caps in the past that have let me down. I end up with soggy wet hair rather than dry and styled so I was all up for trying this new one out. 

What I really liked about this product is the size of it. I have long thick hair so it is a problem to find one that fits every last piece of hair on my head. This however is quite big so I could easily keep all my hair covered. The product promises to 100% guarantee Best Blow dry protection and I definitely agree. After testing it out in the shower my hair was just as dry and styled as it was before making me one very happy girly. I would definitely encourage people to give it a go & see what you think.
You can purchase one from the link below. It is definitely an investment worth making!

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