D.I.Y Frozen themed shorts.


So as the Spring and Summer approaches I like to start cracking on with getting my wardrobe ready. One of the many things I really enjoy doing is d.i.y pieces. I love taking one piece of clothing and turning it into something else. My favorite d.i.y. is making customized shorts. I take an old pair of high waisted jeans and turn them into something unique. Below is a quick tutorial on how to make your own shorts!
I went for a frozen styled theme for this just because I loved the film however you can add whatever detail you want!

Tools needed:
Old Jeans
Detail you may want to add (sequins, lace, etc)
Bleach (optional)
Spray Bottle (Optional)
Sewing kit

 Step 1 - First you want to get your jeans and measure them up against you. You then want to decide how long you want your shorts to be. Place then down on the floor and draw a line on each leg making sure both are equal. Then you want to cut down the line and remove the rest of the jeans. 
Above is how your shorts should then look. 
 Step 2 - If you want your shorts to look distressed and slightly dyed I suggest getting some bleach and pouring it into a spray bottle. Once outside or in a open area gently spray the bleach onto the areas you want to dye. 
 Step 3 - Once spraying leave the bleach to soak in for about 15 mins (or whenever the bleach starts to come up as a white colour). Once doing this then you can take your shorts inside and thoroughly wash them with soapy water. 
You may need to do this two times or else if you leave any bleach on them the denim may turn yellow instead of white. Once washed and dried you can now customize them!
Step 4 - You can decorate your jeans however you want or you may just want to leave them as they are.I decided to take an old top that had pretty detailing on the straps and cut it so so I could use the detail on the bottom of my shorts instead. I stitched along the edge of the shorts to make sure the lace would stay on correctly.
And tada!
You now have a pair of customized shorts ready for the spring and summer!
I hope you enjoyed my first d.i.y post!
Please let me know what you think and whether you do any d.i.y pieces!


  1. Cute! Making shorts of my dead jeans reminds me of being a kid. Mum and I did this several summers, I seem to remember.

  2. They're pretty cool :)
    I need some funky shorts for summmer :3