Fandom weekends.

Comic Con & Divergent Premiere

So over the past two weekends I have attended two very exciting events. Last weekend I attended Comic Con in Birmingham where I met some of the cast of Sleepy Hollow and also Greyston Holt from Bitten. Below are a few shots I took through out the day.

This weekend just gone I decided to head to the Divergent Premiere in Leicester Square in hopes of seeing some of the stars from the film. After queuing over night (which was not as bad as expected) we managed to get a very good spot. I managed to get a few photographs with many of the cast members including KATE WINSLET! It was a surreal experience talking to these amazing people and getting to ask them about what they were wearing. Ignore the fact I look exhausted and just appreciate the beauty of these people. Also thank you to my amazing friend Sarah for putting up with me.

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  1. Get you, rubbing shoulders with the stars! Looks like a wicked time.