The Photography Show.

Event Overview

Bonjour everyone!
Definitely keeping on track with the blog posts this week & hope you are enjoying them!
So this past weekend I also attended the Photography show. Not only did our university have a stand which I had to work on but I also went an extra day to go and see the Rankin talk. Rankin if you did not know if a very famous and well known fashion photographer from the UK. If you have not checked out his magazine Hunger you really should!
The talk itself was very interesting and I gained many tips from the photographer. He talked about the fashion industry and also discussed about many of his iconic images.

Also at the show was of course many stalls selling products, advertising companies and giving tutorials on certain objects. There were many things through out day to keep everyone entertained. One of my favourite parts was the catwalk. During my time at the show they had models walking on the catwalk in traditional theatre costumes which were all beautiful!
Below are a few shots I took of the costumes & models.
Overall the show was very successful & interesting.
I gained many contacts during the show and talked to lots of interesting people!

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  1. so lovin your blog hon! warm wishes from Cyprus :) x