Fashion for Less.

Saving money tips!

I have had quite a few people asking me how I own so many clothes and how I afford them all. My answer is always shopping around and being willing to look in places you would never expect. Being a student as well as a girl who constantly wants new clothing (its an addiction) I needed to discover ways of saving the pennies.I have always been a thrifty person and have always gone out to get bargains so below are a few tips I stick to when out shopping and places you can look to grab those bargains!

Charity shops
My first and foremost favorite place to go to grab amazing deals. Some people have this idea that buying second hand clothing is dirty and horrible however that is not the case. You only need to take it home, get it washed and there you have it! I have purchased many designer pieces from charity shops for less than a quarter of the price! I have also lately picked up some amazing pieces that are really on trend including a 80's pastel yellow woolen coat. The likes of Topshop are selling these at about £80 however I paid £1.99.

Jumble Sales & Car boots
My second two favorites places to shop! Jumble sales are not very common in some places however around my area they are always lots. One thing about these are that you have to be willing to have patience with the people around you. Lots of people can be rude and push you out the way however if you have put time into it you can get some steals! Last year I purchased a real leather satchel for £0.50 (posted on the blog a few times) Also car boots are amazing! You have people selling vintage, designer, bnwt all for a small cost. Vintage especially is a thing to go for at car boots as many people are getting rid of their relatives treasures!

Discounted & stock reduction shops
These shops are becoming more and more common as the bad economy hits us. Stores shutting down and having to get rid of stock at ridiculous prices however these are a bonus for us! One of my favorites to go to is New Life. It is a place where stock that hasnt sold in the main store is sent to and the price is reduced. Many well known brands are sold here and the store is restocked every week!

 Online discount stores & Ebay
Online can be an amazing place to grab deals! You will find most things you see in store at a smaller cost online. Ebay is always my go to whenever I see something in a expensive shop but do not want to pay the full price. You can always guarantee someone will be selling the same item brand new but for a smaller price. Also its great to order from other countries via Ebay as you will find it will cost you a lot less even if you have to wait an extra week to arrive. Online has also got some amazing sites allowing you to get discounts. Most shops online allow you to sign up and you receive discount vouchers or free delivery. Take advantage of these as much as possible. Also sites such as  have great deals and small costs. You can get a pretty dress for a night out for £5. You cannot moan at a good bargain!

Swapping with friends and family
The Simplest tip of them all! Swapping clothing you know longer want with friends and family is a great way to gain a new wardrobe without paying anything. There is even a new word for this and its called swishing. Swishing parties allow you to have a group of people round, each bringing clothing they do not want then all of you mix and match and do some swapping!

I hope these tips have been helpful and you know have some ideas on how to get clothing for less


  1. love this post Rose. very insightful.
    I only tend to look for books In charity shops, it never occurs to me to rummage through the clothes as well. :D

  2. Great post, I love advice on thrifting; it's something I always fail at when you just walk into a charity shop and think 'well, nothing of interest here' and never try again! Wish I had a local stock reduction shop :(

    Efflorescent Dream