American adventures #1

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California & New York 

June 27th - 7th July

So this post was going to be extremely long however I have decided to split the post into two so I don't bore you too much! On June 27th we were headed to Anaheim California. This break was our graduation treat to ourselves. While in California we did many exciting things. We went to Disneyland, Universal studios & many Hollywood tours. 
Day 1 - The first day was spent travelling on 2 flights and 14 hours in total so the first thing we did when we arrived was sleep.
Day 2 - The following day however was our first day at Disney. We had to be up nice and early because we had pre booked a breakfast with Ariel in the California Adventure park. I was not really sure what to expect with the whole eating food with a Disney princess and still to this day it seems a little unreal. We had an amazing croissant with fruit and bacon while many other princesses came round and spoke to us. The rest of the day was spent on rides, exploring the park and eating Disney treats!

Day 3 - Our third day was spent exploring the other Disney park which is the main one. I was extremely excited for this park as I had heard so many amazing things and I was not disappointed. The first thing we did was meet the Disney princesses and get fast passes for the day. Most of the day was spent drinking lots of water and going on water rides due to the really hot weather. After spending most the day there we headed back to the hotel to and went by the pool before heading back for the evening fireworks. 

Day 4 - An early start once again as we were headed for Hollywood. After getting on a coach we arrived in main LA where we saw many tourist spots such as the walk of fame, the Chinese theater and the Hollywood sign. After exploring these tourists parts we then headed on a bus up to the farmers market and the Grove. The farmers market held many amazing stalls selling all kinds of delicious food. After exploring this for a bit we headed to the Grove which is an amazing shopping area. Luckily for us there were lots of sales on due to the 4th of July so we brought many many things. Once weighed down with bags we ate at the Cheese Cake factory. I had never been before but lets just say it was incredible! I had chicken for my main and a slice of Oreo cheesecake for dessert. The best part about this place was that if you cannot finish dessert they give you a little box to take it home which of course I did! After eating we headed back to main LA where we did a little more shopping before heading to our hotel. On the way home we also saw a premiere happening at the Chinese theater! 

Day 5 -We headed to Universal studios. You had the usual rides, characters walking around but then you also could go on a tour around all the sets that have/are being used for TV shows and films. This part was my favorite of the day due to seeing the street where Desperate Housewives was filmed.  Seeing these places where things are filmed was really surreal and what was even stranger was there people were filming TV shows while we were driving around on the day.

Day 6 - On Wednesday we chilled by the pool for a few hours then headed up the road to a shopping area. After picking up a few refreshments and snacks we looked in some of the clothing stores. This is where I discovered a store ( cannot remember the life of me what is it called) which was incredible. It had many well known brands as well as collections by many celebrities. What was even better was they had many reductions on the clothing so I picked up a few pieces from the Adam Levine line. After getting my bargains we headed back and spent the rest of the day in Disney, looking through shops and soaking in the atmosphere. 

Day 7 - Our second trip into main LA, however this time it was a little different. We were taken on a tour bus around many different locations which was awesome. On our bus we had an awesome bunch of lovely American women as well as a Canadian family to keep us company. Our first stop was at the Olympic stadium. It was really awesome to see  how they presented the Olympics and designed the stadium. Our second stop was at the Staples center which was huge! We only stopped for a few photographs but during our stop we saw a anime convention happening which was gutting because I felt like I needed to be there. Our third stop was of at El Pueblo De. It was a tiny town that had many little and adorable stalls selling trinkets. It also had an amazing fruit cart! Our 4th stop was on a hill which had a perfect eye line of the Hollywood sign. One thing I will say about the Hollywood sign is that is it incredibly hard to get a photograph of it because of the fog due to the heat. The 5th part of the tour consisted of going around all the celebrities homes including Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyonce & Jay Z & Will Smith. The final part was stopping of at Sante Monica beach which was beautiful as you expect! This day was amazing but also very tiring!