American Adventures #2

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This is part 2 of my American adventures post. Let me know what you think!

Day 8 - Our 8th day of the holiday & its the 4th of July. I was so excited to know I would be in the US during this big holiday as I knew the atmosphere was going to be amazing. It began with a really early start as we wanted to get to Disneyland for the opening time. We knew it was going to be really really busy due to the holidays and because we had reserved dinner at one of the restaurants we wanted to know we would get guarantee entry. Once in the park we thought we would attempt to meet Anna and Elsa. We had heard the waiting time to meet them had been as long as 4 hours on a normal day but because we were at the front of queue for entry we knew it would not be as long for the wait so we took the chance. After only waiting for about 10 mins we managed to meet them and I freaked out like a little kid haha! After this we tried to get on as many rides as possible which shockingly enough we did pretty well as the waiting times were not as long as we presumed they would be. Later on the day we went for our reserved meal. Now I'm not going to talk about this too long however can I just say I have never experienced a meal quite like this. I ordered a turkey, cheese and ham sandwich expecting it to come out just like that however when it arrived the sandwich has been fried in doughnut batter and covered in sugar. It was the weirdest thing I had ever experienced. Anyway after the eventful lunch we met a few other characters, few more rides then gained a good spot for the big fireworks on the night. Overall amazing day!

Day 9 - This day was a relaxing day. We thought the best way to relax was retail therapy so we headed up to the Orange outlet which was amazing. All the stores were big named brands but had amazing sales on. We shopped for quite a few hours until we could shop no more. After a cab ride home we had dinner and chilled by the pool. Later on the night I was very excited as we had booked tickets to a baseball game. I had never been before but was very excited to experience one. The game itself took a while to get into however overall the feel and experience surrounding us was awesome. 

Day 10 - So this day was our last day in California which was really sad. We had one final day on our Disney passes so we decided to use it up. The day was pretty chilled out. We went on rides and brought our last few items from the Disney stores before heading back to the hotel to pack reading for the early flight the next morning. 

Day 11 - After getting up at 5am we headed to the airport for our flight to New York. Once boarding there was a one hour delay which was not fun however I watched Divergent which made up for it. Once finally landing we gathered our cases and headed out to find a way into the city. When discovering the trains were all down we managed to find a driver who took us to our hotel. The hotel was amazing as it was directly on Times Square. This made things a lot easier for us. Once unpacking we headed out for food and walked around Times Square for a bit before heading back to the hotel for a early night 

Day 12 - As we only had 2 full days in New York we wanted to do and see as many things as possible. We got up early and went for breakfast. I had banana pancakes which were amazing! Once fed we headed to the Empire State Building. Now I'm not going to lie I am terrified of heights and although I had been up the building once before I was a little nervous. While going up in the elevator I was really scared however once I was up I was fine. The view was beautiful just as I remembered. Once taking many photographs we headed back down and made our way back to Times Square. We looked through a few shops then decided we wanted to visit Central Park. Central park was beautiful and we saw many areas where films and tv shows has been filmed which was awesome! Once having a little rest we then carried on with our day. We stopped of at Tiffany's to admire the beautiful jewels and also the book shop because I was dying to go into one haha! After this we had some dinner and headed to the box office to get some Broadway show tickets. We ended up seeing Bullets on Broadway which was incredible! The acting, music, costumes were spectacular. After the show we managed to meet all the cast including Zach Braff  which I was very happy about. After the tiring day we had we headed back to sleep.

Day 13- Our second full day in New York and it was just as busy as our first. We grabbed breakfast and headed to the tube. We had decided we wanted to go and see the Freedom tower as well as the 9/11 museum. The first time I had gone there the museum was very small and no work had begun for the tower or waterfalls so it was very surreal to see how much had changed in the matter on a couple of years. The waterfalls we incredibly beautiful and a perfect way of remembering all the people that were lost. Once walking round we then went into the museum. It was a surreal experience that made you think about life and how precious it is. It was a real eye opener. We spent a good few hours walking about the museum before heading out. When we brought the tickets for the Empire State building we received a complimentary boat ride and because we were near the docks we decided to snap up the chance. The boat ride was lovely as we got to see all the sights and take many photographs. After arriving back on dry land we headed for food. One thing I really wanted to try and do while in New York was meet Idina Menzel. She was at the time appearing in a Broadway show that happened to be at the back of our hotel. Unfortunately due to money and lack of time we were not able to see the show. So later on in the evening we waited by the stage door in hopes of meeting her. While waiting we made friends with some absolutely lovely people! After waiting for about an hour she came out and that is when it all got crazy. Lots of people started pushing us on the barriers but luckily enough we managed to meet her and get her autograph. She was so so lovely and I was so extremely happy to of met her! It was a perfect way to end our holiday.

Day 14 - Our last day :( Once getting breakfast we headed for the airport. It was such a sad day to be leaving however the memories I had gained were incredible. This vacation was a much needed break after studying and I will forever cherish all the moments. 


  1. I'm so jealous of your american adventure rose.
    The photos are amazing though.

  2. Idina Menzel! I love her! You lucky thing!