Au Revoir Paris


June 19 - June 21st

So my second event of this month was taking a trip to Paris with my absolutely lovely group of convention friends. We all flew out on the Thursday and headed to Disney Land for the day.We had lovely weather through out which made everything even more perfect. The following 3 days consisted of convention awesomeness. The main reason for flying out to Paris was to attend the Xivents Fairytales II convention. This convention was based around my favorite television show Once Upon A Time. Like the usual convention qualities we had photo ops, talks & autograph sessions. One thing however we had which I never experienced before was a meet and greet. With the type of pass we brought we were entitled to come to a party where all the guests attended and you got to spend time with each one round a table of 10 while eating chocolate macaroons! This experience was so surreal but one I will cherish forever. This weekend was full of surprises and laughter and we made friends with many awesome people!

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