The Oscars 2015.

Fashion review

The Oscars is the biggest event of the year for actors, actresses, directors, etc. All of which hope and dream of winning this award. The event is also the biggest for fashion and style. Every year millions are people watch all around the world online and via televisions to catch of glimpse of their favourite people on the red carpet. So many of us, including myself cannot wait to see what gowns the ladies and suits the men are wearing. This year for me was not my favourite year. Though there were many beautiful gowns on show I was hoping for a bit more dramatic and bold styles. The main theme I seemed to see was nude looks. The colours and cuts of the gowns were very simple. 
Below I've put some of my favourite looks of the evening.

Favourite look of the evening!!!
Already adore Jamie Chung's style however last night she looked incredible! 
Adore the look, colour and detailing of the dress and the simple hairstyle just completed the entire style.

Love the cut of this dress & the simple black and white colour scheme makes the look very classic and sophisticated.

Perfect in pink! 
Adore the dress and the colour! The only thing for me I was unsure about is the hair pushed back behind the ears. Not a huge fan of this hairstyle. 

Not completely 100% convinced the colour goes with her skin tone however the gown itself is stunning! Looks very vintage and drapes beautiful at the bottom. Love her hairstyle and the shade of lipstick. 

 Cutest couple. 

Can't forget the men! Beautiful tailoring as usual however for me my favourites were Eddie & Ansel. Big fan of the blue jacket with black bow tie look!

Also huge congrats to Eddie on winning best actor! 100% deserved the win.

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