Times are changing.

Sorry excuse for not blogging.

So as by the title I am doing this blog post to explain why I have been absent for such a long time. 
Since September I have been extremely busy with life. There have been many twists and turns that have changed not only my life in general but also me as a person. I have had experiences which have made me consider where I want to go from now. To begin with I graduated from University.Those past 3 years were extremely hard for me so I have never been happier to finish and complete my education. The day itself was long but satisfying. 

So from then on I have been working at Argos along with doing photography here and there. I have had a few weddings to photograph which have been great and also had the amazing opportunity to photograph a Louis Vuitton event. The event was incredible and an experience that I will always remember. People always said to me that once you graduate it is difficult finding the job you most desire straight away which is true however these past few months have been awesome. I have been able to earn money as well as learn about a different trade. I think I needed a rest from photography after studying so hard on it for 3 years straight. 

Family time has also played a role in me being absent on my blog. It hit me last year that people don't live forever and you should spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. I did this over the christmas period which created memories that I will always cherish. With the plans that I am intending to hopefully make (which I will be writing about in the near future) it may mean that I won't see my family half as much as I usually do. So my priority is to spend every spare moment with them as I can. 

And then we arrive at January. 2015 is the year that I want to change my life. I want to make big grown up decisions and start my real future. To begin with 2 weeks ago I got back from a trip to Canada. I will be doing a post specifically about the trip however that trip inspired me in many ways. It made me question where I want to spend my life and whether moving away in a option. It also made me debate about my career and how I can continue with my photography while also creating a good enough income to live on.

This blog post may be a little depressing haha however I wanted to explain myself :') Next few posts should be a bit more entertaining however please bear in mind that my posts wont be as regular as they were in uni!


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