Summer budget lookbook.

Looks for summer on a budget

So lately I have been seeing all the new trends being promoted by stores and online. Clothes buying can be pretty expensive when the seasons are changing and new things become in fashion and on trend.  However I set myself a challenge. I wanted to create 3 summer looks for under £10 each. Now I know this may sound impossible but I am here to tell you my secrets. I have spoken before about how I shop in charity shops and how I believe you do not need to pay expensive to create stylish looks. The 70's trend is hot on the press so I wanted to get creative and style 3 looks inspired by this era. Below are the 3 final looks. I hope this post inspires you to get out there, look in the local charity shops, use your imagination and be on trend!

Kimono - £2.50
Top - £1.50
Shorts - £1.49
Shoes - £3.99
Bag - £.0.50
TOTAL - £9.98

Top - £1.50
Skirt - £3.29
Shoes - £2.99
Bag - £0.50
Necklace - £1.50
TOTAL - £9.78

Dress - £1.00
Jacket - £0.50
Shoes - £3.99
Bag - £1.99
TOTAL - £7.48


  1. I don't know how you do it rose :) very cute.

  2. lovely