Vancouver, Canada week 1.

Travelling adventures

Day 1 
So me and my two awesome best friends Alice and Hayley set off on a 2 week adventure to Vancouver. We had planned a few days worth of sightseeing but other than that we decided to go with the flow and see what happened along the way. 
The Journey to Vancouver itself was not as bad as expected. I flew to Belfast where I met with my two friends. We stayed over night at Alice's house. We decided to fly from Ireland because it worked a lot cheaper in the long run. The next morning we flew from Dublin to Amsterdam then Amsterdam to Vancouver. The main haul flight was with klm who were amazing. The flight crew were really nice and warm welcoming. Once arriving in Vancouver we checked into the hotel and went for a walk to find some food. Other than that we just chilled out in the room. 

Day 2 
After an early morning start due to jet lag we decided to not do too much. We headed into down town Vancouver and looked around the shopping malls. Down town Vancouver is such a beautiful place so just walking around was enough for us. 

Day 3
Third day in Vancouver and we headed off to Steveston. Steveston is a small village that is known for being filmed in by various film and television companies. The main reason for our visit to the village was because our favourite television show Once Upon A Time is filmed there. We wanted to check the area out and take photographs before returning the next day. We spent some time at the harbour which was really nice and peaceful and because the weather was so lovely that day we were able to take our coats of without being freezing cold. After taking a lot of snapshots we decided to go for food. Our chosen place was Canary Cafe which is also used in the OUAT as granny's diner. I ordered chicken strips & chips which were amazing! We decided to spend a little longer in Steveston wondering around the shops before heading back on the train towards our hotel. Once off the train, before heading back to the hotel we decided to check out another mall that was close by. This mall pretty awesome and due to there being some really good sales we picked up a few bits and bobs.

Day 4

Filming day!
So we are up extremely early for one of the most exciting days of the holiday! Once getting in our taxi we were headed back to Steveston for a day of watching Once Upon A Time filming. By the time I was in the taxi I was like a little kid at christmas (Hayley & Alice can confirm this). When arriving into town we could see all the crew setting up ready to film the first scene of the day. We were the first ones there waiting and watching but just a short while later our awesome friend Larry arrived and the long day ahead began! The first scene involved Lana, Robert, Victoria & Kristin outside Mr Gold's shop. I won't say too much as I don't want to reveal spoilers however i'm just going to say how bizarre it is to see your favourite television show coming to life in front of your eyes. This scene took quite a while to film however the sun was out and we were really enjoying ourselves. Once this scene wrapped up we were moved to another area of the street. The next scene involved Josh & Ginny. While this scene was being filmed an awesome lady called Sarah came over to meet us. She is known as the leaf lady on set and was awesome! She gave us wristbands, pencils and magnets that said I'm a Beleafer on them which were so cool. Because she is originally from Scotland she was asking us questions about where we all lived which seemed to make the time go a lot quicker. After chatting a little while longer we were then moved to a different part once again due to having to shoot the scene from a different angle. 
All the crew were very friendly and helpful which made the day go a lot smoother. After the scene wrapped up we were waiting to see what happened next when Sarah started walking over with none other than Victoria Smurfit. Then following behind her were Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla and Kristin Bauer Van Straten. We were amazed so many of the cast came over. We took photographs with each one and also got autographs for our books. All of them were very lovely and spent time with each fan. After this amazing experience we headed to a local coffee shop to grab a hot chocolate. We didn't stay very long which worked in our favour as they were setting up the next scene.We were waiting for about 5 minutes when none other than Josh Dallas walks over to us. We were the first ones to get a photo an autograph with him. He is as perfect as you would expect. So lovely and caring. At this point the day could not go any better. Once this scene wrapped up there was one more before lunch. We could not see much of this so as soon as this was done we headed to Starbucks. After having a break and a sit down it was starting to get darker as they were coming up to the last 2 scenes of the day. The first scene involved Jennifer Morrison. We could not see much as we all had to stand behind a wall so we was not in shot. The scene did not take long to film so then we headed to the docks for the final scene. The scene involved Jennifer & Colin (my two favs). We were being shown were to stand and getting ready when Colin O'donoghue walks over. At this point I was dying. He came straight to us as we had brought with us some tayto crisps for him. He is PERFECT and his accent was heaven. He spent quite a while with the fans taking photographs and signing autographs. This topped my day! We watched the final scene then headed home. The day was long and cold but worth every second!

Day 5
So after a really busy and tiring town yesterday we decided to have a lie in. We eventually got up and grabbed breakfast. Our next stop was to visit Gastown. It is part of down town Vancouver and is so cute. It really reminded me of London in some parts. They had vintage & antique shops all over which was cool.  We walked around for a while then grabbed a hot chocolate and biscuit (which was huge). After sitting down for a while we carried on our journey and took lots of beautiful photographs of the scenery. This pretty much concluded the day and we topped it off with a chill in the jacuzzi. 

Day 6
Up early for another day of filming. We headed to Victoria park. It was such a beautiful place! We spent some time walking around taking photographs. A lot had been filmed in the park from previous episodes so it was awesome to see where everything took place. After taking the photographs we wanted we headed over the place they were filming. We did see Josh & Ginnifer and they waved however that was it for most the morning. We then headed to Starbucks to warm up and have a drink. After a while we headed back up and watched a few other scenes however due to the bad rain that day we did not stay very long. We headed to a place near by called Metrotown where we had some food. I had a Nandos but let me tell you this, it is nothing like ours. Not impressed. After food we headed back to the hotel for a warm shower and bed.

Day 7

After visiting Metro town for a short period the day before we decided to head back there and have a good look around. We did quite a lot of shopping this day haha. After going to all the shops we wanted to there we then headed back to Richmond shopping centre as there was a few shops we wanted to look in. This made us build up quite a appetite. We headed to a sports bar near by which did amazing pizza! The atmosphere in there was pretty cool. After a long day of shopping we had a chill before heading for our night out. Luckily it was not as cold as we were expecting which was a bonus. The bar of our choice was The Blarney Stone (a irish bar of course). They had a live band which played through out the night who were pretty good. Not going to say too much other than it was good and I may have drank a little more than anticipated haha!

Second week of the journey in the next blog!

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