Finding treasures in charity shops.

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So last year I did a post regarding where I get all my clothes from and how to save money at the same time. I mentioned in the blog post about Charity shops however I didn't ever explain how to find the treasures in these sort of places. So this post will be about how to open your mind when going into these places and how to find the diamond in the rough. 

Don't just look in the women's section 
My first and foremost important rule is to never just look in the women's clothing section. Go and check out the mens section as you can grab some amazing band tshirts, plaid shirts and other pieces. Also the kids section as many of the shops may confuse some pieces as childrens clothing when it is in fact a adults. By being open minded about these areas you can pick up some awesome items.

Don't stick to your size
My second my important rule is to never just look in the section that is your size. As women we know that many high street stores are very confusing with sizing. We fit in one size for one and a different size for another. By checking out all sizes you are opening yourself up to different pieces that can we adjusted to fit you perfectly. If you can see potential in a item that is bigger go for it! Also if you are after vintage pieces in charity shops I always encourage buying the next size up due to the sizing back then being incredibly small. If in doubt try it on before you buy. Most charity shops have dressing rooms now so you can do this. 

Have a idea
Always have a idea about what you are looking for. Charity shops can be a very intimidating place if you do not know what you want or what you are looking for. Having a idea about a particular pieces makes it easier to get through all the items for sale. Also by sticking to what you want you know you won't buy unnecessary items and impulse buy. 

Sticking to a budget
Charity shops are awesome places to shop however always make sure you have a budget.  By having a budget you can stick to your goals and save money!

Charity shops aren't just for clothes
Charity shops aren't just about clothing. They sell many awesome things for the home. One of my favourite places to get quirky furniture and vintage home decor is the charity shop. I love to buy mugs and trays for my make up brushes and jewellery. Also its a great place to pick up books. I love reading but once I've read it once I usually never read it again so by buying them second hand you aren't spending as much money.

Be open minded
You see a awesome pattern but its a dress you would never wear. What could you do to make it into something you would wear? Open your mind and weigh up the options. Maybe think how you could google ways to turn it into a cute top? Or even a two piece?  Be brave and take a chance! Everyone can learn to sew and create awesome pieces for your wardrobe. Also you see a tray that would be cool to put all your earrings on but the colour won't go in your room? How about spray paint it a colour that would go! So many things can be done to change something. 

These are just a few tips I have for you!
Now go out there and get charity shopping!


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