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Hello all, and Welcome to Rose’s blog (yes, you’re right, I’m not Rose) I’m Hayley and I’m over at where you can go (preferable after reading this post) and see Rose’s post over on my blog.
I’ve never written a fashion post before, so bare with me. My chosen subject is Stripes. I love stripes, vertical or horizontal, or even diagonal. So here are a couple of my favourite items.

Top: Next Jeans:       Primark Trainers:       Primark
I love this top, I actually have it in two other colours, I love how thick the material is, they’re really well fitted. These jeans are super comfy and great for the price.

Top: Band T-shirt    Shorts: H&M    Trainers: JD Sports
Lovely summer shorts, again I have these in another colour as well. They’re really comfy and easy to wear. 

Dress: New Look    Shoes: New Look
This is one of my favourite dresses, it’s a lovely fit and quite a heavy material which helps for the dress to keep its floaty shape. I love the mesh on the top. Also these shoes are super comfy (unless you’re wearing them for about 8 hours walking over paris).

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