Fairytales III

OUAT Convention

So as you know I visited Paris for a few days. My main reason for this trip was to attend a Once Upon A Time Convention. I have mentioned about conventions before on the blog. The event took place over 3 days. The cast members who attended the convention were; Lana Parilla, Jennifer Morrison, Colin O'donoghue, Meghan Ory, Georgina Haig, Elizabeth Lail, Scott Michael Foster and Victoria Smurfit. I decided not to do a day by day description however I've wrote about some of the highlights to the convention below as well as the photographs that were taken.

.Getting to ask Colin and Jen a question during the q&a. (Jen commenting on the dress during the answer)
.Colin singing and playing guitar while Jen and Meghan danced
.Lots of cute banter during the trio panel
.Doing a dance pose with Colin in the photographs and calling me beautiful
.Last in for Jen photographs and her loving our dresses
.Jen & Colin drawing cute tattoo designs 
.Georgina and I bonding over last names
.Jen instagramming our gifts
.Pizza party

& Of course my favourite part of the con is meeting all my amazing friends from all over the world!

.Jen loving my second costume and calling me Adventure Emma
.Hugs of all the cast
.Winning the cosplay competition
.Group photograph - Cast chanting my name
.Whole cast dancing and singing to Frozen Let it go

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  1. Randomly going through your posts. Look at that beautiful man right there (colin ain't bad too). Got Alice to watch Greek and she loves it, and better yet she likes Cappie - after complaining at FT about his hair :D

    Can we go back to this weekend please.