Paris, France.


So a couple of weekends ago I headed of to Paris with a bunch of my favourite friends on a adventure. Our main reason of going was to attend a Once Upon A Time convention (separate blog post for the con). We decided however to fly out 2 days early so we could go exploring!

Day 1
I flew with Air France on both the way there and back and they were incredibly warm welcoming, making sure we were comfortable and enjoying our flight. Once landing I met up with all my friends at the different terminals and we headed on the train towards our hotel. The hotel itself was beautiful. The room was in fact an apartment so we had plenty of space to keep all our things. Once we got settled it we were in desperate need of food so after searching the near by area we found a pizza place. The pizza was really really good. After food we just chilled out for a bit and decided to get some much needed rest for the main adventure day.

Day 2
Up early as we wanted to get as much done as possible. We all met up and headed onto the tube for our adventure to begin. Our hotel was a little out of main Paris so it took around 20 minutes to get there. Our first stop was the Notre Dame. I have never seen it before so I was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was. The architecture was stunning. We spent a little while taking photographs of it before stopping at a cafe by the side of it to have a short break and something to drink. After our break we then continued onto the lock bridge, Louvre & Eiffel Tower. The walking in between these places allowed us to really enjoy the beauty of Paris. I love how so many of the older buildings are still standing and add to the romantic feel of the city. Once we were fully tourist out we then headed to the venue where the convention was at as we needed to check in. 

Below are some photographs of the day we spent exploring the beautiful city.
(credit to Joe & Hayley for the first 4 pics)

My dress - Yumi
Shoes - Gap
Sunglasses - H&M

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