A day at Dismaland

So last week I had the day off work so we decided to head down to Weston-Super-mare in hopes of getting tickets into Banky's new exhibition called Dismaland. We knew that the exhibition was a sell out every day so getting tickets on the door would be tricky however we took our chances and got in the queue at 9:30am. We were around the 250 mark in the queue but we kept hopeful. At 11:00 the box office opened and the queue started to move. We were told that the first 200 people would be allowed into the place straight away and then anyone after would be able to come back at 1pm and could get in then. We only waited around 30 mins then we got our wristbands and went for something to eat. Once eating and having a short walk around we headed back to the queue.

The process of getting into the exhibition was pretty easy. The security did random bag checks and checked wristbands. Once getting through that you went into the building and went through a fake security area where all the objects were made from cardboard. The fake security guards picked on random visitors and asked strange questions like "do you have any unicorns in your handbag?" which was funny. Once through that you was then in the main exhibition area. What I loved about the exhibition was how many things there was to see and do. I can't really put into words how strange and different it was however I hope the photographs below can sort of help you picture what it was like. My favourite parts included the Disney Princess mock of a castle and the fair ground ride area. There was a mixture of funny and serious art work and many had very deep meanings to them which was refreshing to see. My own perspective of the exhibition was that it was revealing what our country may turn into and how the effects of the world will play apart in our future. 

I would definitely encourage anyone to go and see it if they can while its still running. 

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  1. I heard about this exhibition and I would like to see it. But I don't think I will be in England soon. But the pictures look so weird and that's why so cool :D