August favourites.

August favourites.

So I have never done one of these type of posts before however I thought I would give it a go. Below are some of my favourite things I have used and loved during this month.

Hair & Beauty

I feel like this is always a favourite of mine because I use it all the time. The cherry scented dry shampoo is always perfect for summer as its a quick and easy way of keeping your hair clean looking. It also smells really nice which is a bonus. I don't like to wash my hair every day as my hair feels very dry and not healthy so this is a perfect alternative.

This mascara I picked up in Primark on the way to the till because I was running low and thought I would give it a go. For £1.50 I was not expecting much from the item however I was surprised by how it turned out. The mascara is a great base layer and also perfect for the under eye lashes. 

Fashion pieces & Websites

My favourite trends for this month was fringe & suede. I have enjoyed styling pieces up using both types of trends.
My favourite fashion site for this month is
This site is very affordable and clothing is very well made.

Reading, TV, Film & Music

My chosen pick for reading this month is good housekeeping magazine. The magazine not only is full of yummy recipes and awesome house ideas but also has a lot of fashion picks inside which was awesome to read.

Merlin is my favourite show for this month. We finally got Netflix and I have always wanted to watch this show but I was late to the party when it was on TV. I am currently half way through season 2 of this and I am hooked! 

My film pick for this month is paper towns. I have read the book twice so I was intrigued to see how this filmed played out. I am adore the cast and was excited to finally see it being brought to the big screen. The film itself is good but as always never as good as the book however if you want to see a film this month I would suggest this one. 

Rather than pick a album this month I have chosen a song. The song is a couple of years old however it has been a favourite of mine this summer. It a a good feel song to listen to on the train, plane or walking.  

Snacks and treats.

After trying these at my friends house I have been hooked! They have a super strong flavour and are so yummy.

In our town a dessert shop has opened up and they do the most amazing waffles and other treats. I had the malteaser teaser waffle with ice cream and it was heavenly. 

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  1. Ahhhhh. Rose you're watching Merlin. I have the DVDs why didn't you say before. I loved that show. It was amazing. :)