Halloween costumes.

Halloween costume ideas!

So its my favourite time of the year once again. Halloween is my favourite holiday and one of my favourite things to do is dress up for it. I am a sucker for dressing up and becoming somebody new. One thing however I don't like doing is spending lots of money on a costume. I much prefer to use what I already have in my wardrobe and come up with clever and quirky ideas. Below I have 3 different sections with different ideas, all using the items I already had in my wardrobe and have picked up over the years. 

TV show characters

My first idea was to pick someone from my favourite tv show and create the look. Of course my favourite show is once upon a time and has a huge amount of costume ideas available. I actually ended up creating 2 looks based on the one character Emma. She has a various looks this season so after sitting down and having a think I came up with these two. The first outfit I actually brought for a convention I attended a few years back. The gown looked surprising like one the character Emma wore this season so it was perfect! The second look was just mashed together with things I wear regularly. I mixed leather leggings with leather boots and slicked my hair back to create the dark swan look. 

Movie characters
There are hundreds of iconic movies out there for all to see. We all know iconic characters and costumes straight away so it is very easy to recreate looks based on these. My first choice was Indiana Jones. I just mixed a lot of browns and creams together to create a similar look and finished it with a iconic hat. My second choice was a Hogwarts student. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter so I managed to put this costume together very quickly!

People from the past 
My final choice was looks based on people and eras. The first look I thought had a very Downton Abbey feel. I have a lot of vintage hats so I chose one and worked the rest of the costume together with it. The second look I felt was something a president's wife would of worn. I kept to a two colour pallet and added the pillbox hat and pearls for further detail. 

I could of easily created even more looks from my wardrobe. It is very easy to put together a look, you just have to open up your mind to other options instead of the standard typical Halloween costumes. If you do however want a scary option just remember you can add blood and gore to any of these to make it more creepy.



  1. I think you should have made a Hook costume. :D:D

  2. Nice post dear! :)