Life at 22

Next month I turn 23. Now for some they will say this is still a young age and I have so much of my life to go. I agree. I have yet to discover who I am as a person and where I intend to end up. But looking back at the 22 years I have been on this earth I discover that I have learnt a lot about life as a woman in this day and age. All through your life you learn things that mould you as a person. Every experience is crucial, whether it be falling in love, falling out of love, trusting someone or being let down by someone. Each feeling or emotion we experience contributes to how we look at life. Below I have listed a few things I have learnt in the past 22 years that I think are important to remember.

Don't let anyone tell you you can't do something

For me as a child who only had one parent and was living in a council estate for the majority of her life I fit into a stereotype that most people would presume would not be successful . I was placed into a category by society that stated council kids do not achieve. The likes of Katie Hopkins would never believe a child like me could gain a degree. So from the beginning it has always been my challenge to prove everyone wrong. I was encouraged early on not to pursue photography as a degree, so I purposely studied it and graduated. I have worked since I was 16 and have travelled to multiple countries because I wanted to.  I worked hard for what I have gained and continue to stick to my rule of "you can do anything if you just believe you can". 

Friends come and go all the time

 This one for me is always a bit of a hard hitting lesson I have learnt over and over again. When you are at school and you spend every day with a group of people they become very important people in your life. You always think "how can I ever live without them?". However once you leave school and continue on with your life you start to realise those friends you have had for years are slowly disappearing. You no longer see them or speak to them. It is upsetting at first but then you slowly move on and make more new friends and the cycle continues. It really is only at 22 now that I have accepted I have hardly any true friends. I only have a handful. But you know what, I am totally cool with that. The close ones I keep are the only ones I need and truly know me for who I am. They will always be there for me no matter what. It doesn't matter if I only see them once a month/year and don't speak every day. I don't need to because I know at the end of the day they be there if I ever need them and vice versa. 

Accepting your appearance

 Now this point may seen like it belongs in a fake fashion magazine that always encourages girls to love themselves but then continues on to tell them they need to buy these new items so they are on trend, or a you tuber who preaches you don't need to wear lots of make up to be pretty but then puts up a tutorial about how to get the perfect smoky eye. But I generally believe in this point. I always get annoyed when I see people online call themselves ugly. It annoys me that young girls will point out their flaws because they have compared themselves to the likes of Kylie Jenner. Body image is such a serious issue and I just wish girls would learn a lot younger to embrace what they have. I am very confident in saying I like my body. Yes I am short, yes I have stretch marks and yes I have a little fat on the thighs and belly. But thats ok. I have learnt to work with my body and learnt how to dress it in a way that embraces the good bits. 

Also while we are on the clothing part I just want to point out that you wear what you want to wear. Do not feel pressured into wearing the latest trends or shopping at certain retailers. Embrace your own style and pick what makes you feel confident as a person. Also never feel embarrassed to thrift. My favourite kind of shopping is thrifting because I love getting amazing deals on amazing items.

Embrace who you are

My favourite point of them all. Don't feel the need to change yourself for anyone. Embrace your weird eating habits and obsessions with Disney. Accept that you are a little obsessed with a tv show more than you should be and don't ever worry what anyone thinks about you. If people really want to be in your life they will be able to accept every part of you. 

Important points to remember while getting older
.Travel and see the world as much as you can
.Write a diary of all the small moments in life
.Photograph all your adventures. IMPORTANT!
.On bar crawls wear flats! (You have been warned)
.Drinking water and eating after a night out will help in the morning.
.Making friends in all countries has its perks. 
.Don't forget to say please and thank you. Manners are everything and can help you get a job (this literally happened)
.Smile at a stranger. It may brighten their day
.When you feel down always go through the happy things that are happening in your life
.Always keep in touch with family. They are the most important people in your life
.Don't be afraid to go to the cinema/concert on your own!
.Dry shampoo is your new best friend
.Go out and have fun!


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